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Jan. 10th, 2012 02:37 pm
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Any questions, concerns or (hopefully constructive!) criticism about my playing? This post is always open. Comments are screened and anon is enabled for your comfort.

Contact Info
Name ⇒ DC
Personal Journal ⇒ [personal profile] insanityprelude (I rarely use this anymore)
Email ⇒ insanityprelude90 [at] gmail.com
Plurk ⇒ [plurk.com profile] insanityprelude
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► Backtagging: I can and will backtag forever.
○ Average tagging speed: Slow (1-2 per day,) especially in prose threads.
► Threadjacking: If it's not a super serious conversation or labeled as private, go right ahead. (If it is a super serious conversation, ask first.)
► Fourthwalling: In memes, go right ahead. In games, it's cool if you reference things from canon, but don't tell her "hey you're from a video game lol" as that just isn't as fun to work with.
► Format: I can do prose or [action tags], and typically default to the latter.
► Offensive Subjects/Trigger Warnings: Eye trauma is a huge squick for me. Please warn me before describing it in our threads, and putting such posts under a cut would be greatly appreciated.

► Hugging/kissing/flirting: Sure, but barring special circumstances (i.e. other robots) it's not going to go anywhere.
► Fighting: Sure, though I'd like to plot it out a little first.
► Injury: I am cool with her taking a reasonable hit/getting grappled around a little, but I'd like to plot out major injuries first.
► Death: Talk to me first.
► Mind reading: Ask first, unless I've specified otherwise in a permissions post. Keep in mind that her brain is computerized.
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Oh good. You're awake.
Humans can't breathe in space, you know. I've tested that already. I had to make you a new body, although you'll probably just break this one too.

Chell succumbed to hypoxia and her injuries after the moon shot. Whoops.

GLaDOS wasn't going to let it end there. She uploaded the dying subject's mind to a spare personality core to preserve her until her proper housing was ready: a finely tuned mechanical body, as similar in shape and capabilities as possible to the original.

(If anyone asked, she would deny to the end that she did it out of sentimentality. She just needed a test subject.)

Of course, GLaDOS wasn't going to let all that hard work go free. Though she left Chell's personality intact, she erased her memories of life outside the Enrichment Center. She also snuck in a few "helpful" subroutines. Chell was compelled to obey GLaDOS (though she quickly learned to be careful with her wording, as the understandably angry Chell did her level best to find every loophole possible), unable to directly harm her, and conditioned to enjoy the testing via a much milder version of the mainframe's reward stimulus.

At least GLaDOS gave her the Companion Cube back.

* So yeah, she's a robot.
* She looks like Chell, more or less, but... off. Her skin is too pale, the texture clearly unnatural, with seams visible on close inspection. Hidden compartments in either arm conceal her interface and power cables; there are ports on the nape of her neck, easily concealed by her hair. The Aperture Science portal logo and the words "Aperture Science Humanoid Testing Platform 00-001" are printed on her left side. Her eyes glow faintly, not her original gray but a light blue similar to an open portal.

+ Robot Body: As Aperture tech goes, Chellbot isn't the toughest: she couldn't survive a trip through the incinerator and still needs her boots to withstand the shock of long falls. But not having to eat, breathe or sleep has its advantages, as does not being subject to things like disease or bleeding out. Additionally, she has a backup "catfall" mechanism built in to minimize damage in case she loses the boots.
+ Robot Brain: She's not as gifted as many AIs, since that would interfere with the test results (most notably her reaction time is still within human limits), but still gets a couple advantages. She can do computations in her head in a snap, and has a memory much more reliable than most humans'. (Unless she glitches out.) If necessary, she could be uploaded into another compatible machine, a trick GLaDOS mastered with the co-op bots.
+ Kinesthetic Sense Like Nobody's Business: Chell excels in thinking on her feet, and the spatial reasoning needed for portal puzzles comes easily to her.
+ The Best Toys: Naturally, she still has the portal gun and long fall boots.
+ DETERMINATION: She never gives up. Ever.

- Glitchy: She's an Aperture AI. What did you expect?
- People Skills: Humans are confusing and unfamiliar. Other AIs are typically a pain in her neck. Complete sentences- waste of time.
- Brainwashed: She isn't quite sure what to do with freedom. Having a task or puzzle of some kind to complete is much more comfortable. And lol what are useful job skills.
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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: DC
OOC Journal: [profile] technobubblegum
Under 18? Nope.
Email/IM: insanityprelude90 at gmail dot com; DERPCON One (AIM)
Characters Played at Singularity: None yet!

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